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Hi there! My name is Valentina, and I’m not just your ordinary massage therapist—I’m here to provide you with an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the physical realm. With my gentle demeanor and soothing touch, I strive to create a space where you can not only relax but also engage in meaningful conversations that nurture your soul.

As a massage therapist, I believe in the power of human connection and the healing potential it holds. That’s why I take the time to truly connect with each of my clients, listening to their needs and understanding their unique journey. Whether you’re seeking relief from physical tension or looking for a moment of peace in your busy life, I’m here to guide you through a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

During our sessions, you can expect more than just a massage; you can expect an experience tailored to your specific needs and desires. Through my intuitive touch and empathetic approach, I aim to address not only the knots in your muscles but also the burdens weighing on your mind.

Together, we’ll embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery, unlocking the potential for profound transformation in both body and spirit. So come, let’s embark on this journey together, and let the healing begin.

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I’m in Green Point

Available : Monday to Sat 10am – 6pm and by appointment only

Available on weekends!!

Please Call, Text or WhatsApp

Contact 071 594 9403

Studio Number (Alternative Contact) 060 661 7595

9 reviews for Valentina

  1. Y

    A truly incredible unforgettable experience that left me feeling on top of the world and in a state of pure bliss.
    Valentina is a special woman radiating a beautiful calming energy.
    She is absolutely stunning and lights up the room with her unique aura and mesmerizing beauty.
    She has an elegant and graceful presence and left me feeling completely refreshed, de-stressed and rejuvenated.

  2. Willie

    I visited Valentina today and had an awesome session with her. Valentina is gorgeous and welcoming. She is very professional and made me feel welcome . I will certainly become a regular visitor .

  3. Mr Big

    I highly recommend Valentina’s Swedish and sports massage, she really helped relieve the knots in my back, and for that reason I’m giving you 5 Stars!

  4. Harith

    What a great experience with Valentina.

    When we met I didn’t know it was her. Such a sweetheart and radiates true beauty . Great conversation and patience for her craft . She will truly have you wanting more time .

    Will have to come back for MORE!!!

  5. NickQNJ

    Everything was so simple and easy.
    From making contact, to booking, arrival and the massage itself.
    Valentina is engaging, friendly, sweet, comfortable to talk to, has amazing massage techniques and is a joy to behold as she does her thing.
    And the sensual part was truly a highlight. Mischievous grin, a twinkle in the eye, and a stunning finale.

  6. G

    I had the pleasure of seeing this adorable and stunning lady today. I immediately felt at ease by her welcoming energy. The treatment was brilliant and very professional. An added bonus was conversing with this intelligent lady which made the hour fly by. Can’t wait to see Valentina again soon!

  7. Tom

    Stepping into Valentina’s realm of sensual massage is akin to entering a sanctuary of unparalleled indulgence. The atmosphere exudes tranquility, a perfect prelude to the exquisite experience that awaits. With deft hands and an intuitive touch, Valentina orchestrates a symphony of relaxation and pleasure, guiding you through a journey that transcends the physical.
    Each stroke, infused with the perfect blend of aromatic oils, carries with it a profound sense of care and expertise, melting away layers of tension and stress. But what truly sets Valentina’s massage apart is the sensuality woven into every movement. It’s not merely about relieving muscle knots; it’s about awakening the senses and forging a deep connection between body and soul.
    In Valentina’s capable hands, every caress becomes a dance of intimacy, igniting a fire within that leaves you feeling invigorated and alive. Long after the massage ends, its effects linger, infusing your being with a renewed sense of vitality and pleasure.
    Rarely have I encountered a being of such breathtaking beauty, a sight that captivates the soul upon the first glance!

  8. Johan VDM

    Amazing Elegant an professional. This lady is a treat

  9. J

    Had an incredible experience with Valentina. She makes you feel comfortable and provides a great massage. A beautiful lady inside and out.
    Would highly recommend.

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