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My name is Massimo, and I’m a passionate and dedicated therapist specializing in massage therapy. With a background in both traditional and modern techniques, I offer my services to both males and females, aiming to provide optimal relaxation and therapeutic benefits to all my clients.

As a male therapist, I understand the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who seeks my services. I believe that massage is a holistic practice that can benefit individuals of all genders, and I strive to create an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone.

When working with clients, I prioritize open communication and active listening. I understand that each person’s body is unique, and their massage goals and concerns may vary.

My approach combines the power of intuitive touch, technical expertise, and a genuine desire to help others. Whether a client seeks relaxation, pain relief, or stress reduction, I strive to create a therapeutic experience that nurtures both the body and the soul.

It is my genuine pleasure to serve as a therapeutic guide, helping individuals find balance and rejuvenation through the power of touch. I am here to provide you with an exceptional massage therapy experience tailored to your unique needs.

Be sure to rate my service, your feedback is valued.

Based in Cape Town CBD

Available : Monday to Sat 10am – 6pm and by appointment only

Available on weekends!!

Contact 062 371 7618

Studio Line (Alternative number): 060 661 7595


4 reviews for Massimo

  1. Satisfied customer

    Massimo was outstanding; a great massage and a great guy. I can heartily recommend him.

  2. A satisfied customer

    Massimo was outstanding. A great massage from a great guy.

  3. Mark

    I’ve seen Massimo twice and I’m certainly going back for more. He has a firm but sensitive touch, and has a warm and pleasing manner. Highly recommended.

  4. Mark

    I’ve seen Massimo twice and I’m certainly going back for more. He has a firm but sensitive touch, and goes the extra mile for his clients. He is polite and friendly and has a warm, pleasing manner. It’s great spending time with him.

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