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Hello, I’m Jasmine, and I’m not just a massage therapist; I’m a true advocate for your overall well-being and satisfaction.

My expertise lies in deep tissue and sports massage, where I skillfully work to relieve tension and promote physical recovery. But I’m not limited to just those realms – I also offer and exceptional sensual massage, breathwork and relaxation massages, allowing you to find tranquility and balance within yourself.

Open-mindedness is a cornerstone of my approach. I am here to create a safe and judgment-free space for you to explore your desires and experiences. Sensuality, to me, is an integral part of human connection, and I’m a passionate advocate for making it a part of our journey together. I consider myself a true giver, committed to ensuring your satisfaction and comfort throughout our time together.

However, it’s not just about the physical sensations for me. While your physical well-being is of the utmost importance, I equally value the mental and emotional aspects of our connection. I find great fulfillment in those clients who can engage in intellectual conversations or form deeper connections with me. To me, the mind and body are interconnected, and the synergy of both is what makes my massages truly exceptional.

So, whether you’re in need of therapeutic relief, relaxation, or seeking a deeper connection, I’m here to cater to your desires and prioritize your satisfaction. Let’s embark on a journey where the physical and mental merge, creating an experience that leaves you not only relaxed but also invigorated, fulfilled, and truly understood. Your well-being and connection are my top priorities.

I’m available in Kenilworth

Available : Monday to Sat 10am – 5pm and by appointment only

Available weekends on request 🙂

Please Call, Text or WhatsApp

Contact me 076 034 3036

Studio Line 060 661 7595

11 reviews for Jasmine

  1. Abdul

    Awesome she is beautiful and had a nice massage.. Thanks jasmin see you soon

  2. Nick

    Great massage , very relaxing

  3. Dave

    Gorgeous Jasmine, wow. This young lady has hands and a heart of Gold! I really enjoyed every second of her treatment and the deep tissue was phenomenal!! Would definitely recommend again and again.

  4. Anonymous

    Had a great time and amazing touch. Had an amazing chat with Jasmine. Great person and smile. Loved every bit of it.

  5. Mike

    My favourite ❤️ Caring, never in a rush. Fantastic massage always, i have seen Jasmine more than 3 times

  6. Gauth

    She is an amazing masseuse and very professional.
    I really loved her personality, respect and honesty.
    She has a mind blowing touch.

    I really recommend her.

  7. Marc

    I had absolutely great time with Jasmine. Her deep tissue technique is on point and she relaxed all my tense muscles. All in very relaxed, unrushed atmosphere and with great communication! Might I add, she’s also a real cutie. Thanks again, Jasmine.

  8. Jay

    I booked treatment with Jasmine and she was exquisite. She cares, makes sure you’re doing okay. Communicates. Adjusts if she notices any discomfort and leaves you feeling lightheaded in the best way. 10/10, would highly recommend.
    Thanks Jasmine.

  9. Sean

    Had a great massage with Jasmine! She’s really easy going and you’ll definitely feel better when you leave than when you came in. Definitely recommend!

  10. Anonymous

    Great time with This Lady.
    She knows exactly what she’s doing with her healing hands.
    Definitely looking forward to next time.
    Thanks Jasmine

  11. Guy

    Such a therapeutic relief in this session, loved the deeper levels of conversations whilst getting a top notch proper massage treatment! Stellar is an understatement.

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